Our Vision

Our Vision

Develop Dynamic Leaders

Our History

SASSPA was formed in January 1994 by a small group of school
administrative leaders whose primary focus was to enhance the
professional image of SASS and be recognised as providers of
vital support to achieve best student outcomes.

SASSPA conferences, seminars and professional learning days delivered across New South Wales have proved to be a welcome opportunity for SASS to develop their capabilities. Each year SASSPA holds a professional learning events focusing on the development of school SAS staff.

The SASSPA team comprises of nine permanent administrative SAS staff from across NSW. Team members volunteer their time to ensure that SASS continue to have an opportunity to develop professionally, and work collaboratively with Department of Education (DoE) and outside bodies to that end. SASSPA is affiliated with the Australian School Business Leaders Association (ASBLA) to seek representation on matters that impact on national education and to raise the profile of School Administrators by gaining recognition as a significant consultative body.

SASSPA’s focus will continue to be the development of leaders
who drive a best practice model by being informed, motivated,
influential, empathetic, thorough, creative, and committed to
best student outcomes.

Our Constitution

Our current Constitution & Rules document is available for download

Our Strategic Direction

Our current Strategic Direction Document for 2021-2024 is available for download

Our Purpose

To build the capabilities of school administrative leaders and
aspiring leaders through professional learning to become
effective change agents in an evolving educational landscape.

Our Objectives

  1. Build capabilities through collaboration and engagement to achieve excellence in organisational practice.
  2. Develop leaders who can recognise, promote and build the
    leadership capacity of self and others.
  3. Foster an understanding of the whole school dynamic to
    achieve best student outcomes.
  4. Build a culture of collaboration and engagement with key
    stakeholders including the Department of Education.
  5. Provide opportunities for SASS to engage in relevant job related tertiary education.
  6. Provide opportunities for members through networking.
  7. Provide co-operation between, and undertake liaison with
    organisations with similar interests and objectives.
  8. Be an advocate for and an active partner in change.
  9. Develop a community of life-long learners

Community Engagement

Cheryl Graham, a fellow colleague from Lismore briefly spoke at this year’s SASSPA Conference about the plight of Lismore and its community during the devasting floods this year. Tears flowed amongst the delegates and pride beamed at how well the school communities rallied in support.

Delegates who attended the SASSPA Conference were all too eager to offer donations on each day of the 3-day Conference which ended in a sizeable amount in excess of $7,000.00 given to the Lismore Flood Appeal as well as a gift (coffee machine) donated by one of our Conference Sponsors (WINC) and delivered by another Conference Sponsor (MiSolutions) to Lismore.

SASSPA wishes to thank our delegates for their generosity, our sponsors for their kindness and warm wishes to our Lismore colleagues.


SASSPA is proudly affiliated with the Australian School Business Leaders Association.

Join SASSPA Today

Our memberships are open to all permanent and long term temporary School Administrative Support Staff.

Individual Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to build networks and collaborate with their colleagues from around the state
  • Early notification of all SASSPA events
  • Discounted attendance fees at SASSPA Seminars and Conferences
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • Eligibility to stand for election on the SASSPA committee